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Shakila Bte Sedek Mohamad

My name is Shakila Bte Sedek Mohamad. I am currently the Project Supervisor for promoters (NiN-a) with Nestle. I have been with Captivate since Jan 2016, so about 5 years.


How have you progressed?

I was hired as a promoter for Abbott Project at the beginning of Jan 2016 and was promoted to Project Supervisor in Oct 2016 as the project expanded. During my transformation from Promoter to Supervisor, I have learned to manage and lead the promoters with experience as I had gained while I was a promoter. I have also learned that communication is key and to follow up with task schedules. Throughout the years I have coached promoters to be the toughest and aggressive on the selling floor. People who want to explore a career in Captivate should have a good working attitude with good teamwork capabilities. They should be hungry for working knowledge and the need to improve themselves.

Muzzammil Bin Mohd Sani

My name is Muzzammil. I’m a Project Supervisor for JNJ. I have been working in Captivate for 3 years now.


How have you progressed?

Before joining Captivate, I was working at JNJ as a Sales Representative from 2014 till 2017. During my transition, I found that Captivate has resources which allows the monitoring of daily operation for merchandising and promo setup; efficiently assisting me on my task. What I like about Captivate among other companies are the good working culture and environment. The team and other colleagues even from other projects are friendly and provide insights. For those interested to be part of Captivate’s family, you should have a good working attitude and a team player. You should also be willing to learn and improve yourself to become a leader.

Saliza Binti Samsudin


Saliza Binti Samsudin started her journey with Captivate in 2015. She was a former promoter from Abbott between 2016 and 2019. She then transitioned to a promodiser for Unilever Malaysia (ULM) in 2020. She is Malaysia’s Unilever Top Sales Award Winner for the month of February and May of 2021.


What was your biggest learning experience with Captivate?

As a former promoter for Abbott, it was rather challenging to transition into a promodiser in the beginning, particularly my merchandising skills. I had challenges visiting outlets and working with different outlet managers. Within 6 months of mentoring and training, I built my self-confidence. Eventually, I began to learn the importance of communication, respect, and selflessness. These principles allowed me to build healthy relationships. Nowadays, especially during the pandemic, we would try to help one another the best way we can. I am also proud to say I have achieved ULM’s Top Sales award for the month of February and May 2021. My motivation is to have passion in my work and a fighting spirit. I feel empowered in my job whenever I carry out my tasks and it feels more enjoyable after a job well done.

Thurga A/P Puspanadan

Thurga A/P Puspanadan first worked for DemoPower Activation in 2019 as a promodiser and she was then transitioned to Unilever Malaysia (ULM) in 2020. During her time with Unilever Malaysia, she was awarded Best Performer from the month of January to June 2020.


What do you like most about Captivate? (e.g. Opportunities, work experience, culture)
I like that Captivate focuses on innovation and professionalism. For example, our Captivate Enterprise System (CE3) and our E-Learning Management System (E-LMS) prioritize work efficiency and up-to-date product knowledge. Captivate’s CE3 helped us promodisers manage our workload more strategically and efficiently because, with this system, human errors are minimized. On the other hand, E-LMS does not only focus on providing us promodisers product knowledge but we are also being evaluated for what we have learned. I personally feel Captivate is moving in the right direction and I am happy to be part of that process.


Farmy Bin Mohammad Noor

My name is Farmy Bin Mohammad Noor and I am a trainer for Captivate’s product advisors. I have been an exclusive trainer for Nestlé and Wyeth Nutrition since January 2021.


Which of Captivate’s core values relate to you?
I believe I am more drawn to leadership and integrity. I truly believe leadership is not all about leading someone. The importance of leadership is the ability to first lead yourself before you lead others because our own actions as a trainer would reflect onto others. It is important to practice what we preach. On the other hand, I also believe integrity is also very important, especially work ethics. For example, reminding our fellow promoters if their work ethic equates to their monthly stipend would make anyone reflect on their achievements and work discipline. I believe this has to do with a lot of integrity in a person.

Syaiful Nizam Bin Sulaiman


Nama saya Syaiful Nizam Bin Sulaiman dan saya adalah Pelatih untuk Merchandiser di Captivate. Saya telah menjadi Pelatih Eksklusif untuk syarikat-syarikat besar bertaraf antarabangsa seperti Etika, Johnson & Johnson, Unilever dan Wyeth.


Perjalanan Bersama Captivate

Perjalanan saya dengan Captivate bermula pada tahun 2006 di mana saya mula bekerja dengan Captivate sebagai seorang Merchandiser. Saya berusaha untuk menyesuaikan diri dan menerima perubahan baru dalam syarikat yang membolehkan saya belajar sebanyak mungkin. Saya amat gembira kerana di Captivate saya dapat mempertingkatkan kemajuan saya terutama sekali atas dorongan dan sokongan rakan-rakan kerja yang membantu memupuk saya menjadi diri saya sekarang.


Saya amat berbesar hati kerana Captivate telah menerima saya menjadi sebahagian daripada keluarga yang tidak pernah saya miliki. Usaha dan kerja keras saya terhasil apabila diberi peluang untuk memegang jawatan yang lebih tinggi dan lebih baik ketika saya bersama Captivate. Sepanjang pengalaman kerja saya selama 15 tahun ini, saya merasakan ini merupakan antara “highlight” yang tidak akan saya lupakan kerana dalam perjalanan inilah, saya diberi peluang untuk membuktikan diri saya sebagai penyelia projek dan akhirnya menjadi pelatih eksklusif untuk Captivate. Saya percaya sesiapa sahaja yang bersedia menerima perubahan dan mempunyai tekad untuk belajar dan memperbaiki diri sendiri, pasti akan dihargai dan diberi peluang untuk mencapai tahap yang lebih tinggi.